Use Horde to Delete & Cleanup Your Mailbox

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Horde Mail

Horde is a complete email management solution that offers encryption, archiving, signatures, and much more.

Everyone experiences mailbox bloat on occasion.  To quickly purge large quantities of email, go to your webmail login and select HORDE from your list of mail applications.

Once there, you will need to select Folders from the top navigation. This should bring up a list of all your folders, including your inbox.

Once you have selected the folders that you want to empty, you can use the drop down menu above it to empty the folders of all the emails that they have.

It should ask for confirmation and then you should no longer have any emails in your inbox.

That’s all!  This process can take a few minutes- depending on the quantity of email you’re removing.

Thanks to Jason at for the quick tute!

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