How do I change my nameservers at GoDaddy?

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Godaddy change nameservers

To change your nameservers, login to your GoDaddy account and update your nameservers with the new host’s information.

This can be done in Account Management > My Nameservers.

  1. Browse to:
  2. Click on: My Account
  3. Login using your Login Name or Customer Name and Password.
  4. Click on Domain Names and select the domain name you are transferring
  5. In the Name Server information section click on the “Click Here to Modify” link
  6. Enter Scarlett’s Web’s primary server name as listed below, using only the name server (i.e., names NOT the IP address:
  7. Click Save.
  8. You will be redirected to the main page and there should be a, “Name server modifications are pending,” notice under the name server information for your domain name.
  9. You can click on the link “refresh” to verify that the server changes are accepted.

That’s it! :-)

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