A quick guide to our Fee Structure

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To give you a proper estimate of the cost for your services, we must gather some information from you.  Here’s a rough guide to how we bill for our primary services.

Website Design + Development

We bill on an hourly basis for website design and development services.

For new websites, we typically gather some initial information from the client to get an idea what the size and scope of the website will be.  We formulate a rough cost estimate based on the anticipated number of content areas for the final product and also any additional services that are necessary to complete the project.  50% of the total estimated project cost is required when the project begins.  Upon completion of the project we use the actual time spent to create the site to determine the final project cost and bill for any unpaid balance.  The client may request another estimate on the project cost at the end of each phase of the project development.

Website Maintenance

We typically bill on an hourly basis for routine updates to websites.  Upon request, we can develop a monthly billing schedule to provide maintenance and assist with costs over the course of the year.

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