Let your imagination, creativity and culture work. For this, you can in particular make a puzzle. Since you have enough time for this, make a 1000 piece puzzle! To get your imagination working (and gamers have it), do creative activities. For this, you have the choice with in particular drawing or painting.

During this confinement, why not take advantage of it and start a novel? Indeed, writing takes a lot of time and you could use the time you have to write. If you don’t aim as high as a novel, you can try poems, essays, articles or even a self-biography.

Even if it is not possible to physically visit museums during this confinement, you can do it virtually behind your PC. Indeed, many museums offer this solution. An original way to get away from home.

And obviously play video games!
If you are looking for games to do on your own, video games are obviously a must. It’s a great way to get away. You have plenty of time to finish or start your games.

Even if the gaming stores are not open, downloading is still possible. You should try best mobile gambling Apps.Containment will transform the way we consume. Indeed, a lot of people will dematerialize their gaming purchases.